Paul Gray

Hi, I’m Paul Gray, one of the co-owners of 313 Financial.

My job consists of helping clients purchase their new property, whether that be for the first or next time or for landlords looking at ways to start of build their portfolios.

I’m extremely passionate about small businesses, and the creative ways finance in the property world works.

In my spare time I like to spend time relaxing and I am a lover of a morning ice bath – it really sets you up for the day!

Jordan Sanders

Hi, I’m Jordan Sanders and I am one of the managing directors at 313 Financial.

I am all about a positive mindset and I also believe in the law of attraction. However, this only works alongside hard work and a passion for what you do.

The company has grown organically since we started and this is because we always do what is right for the client and are committed to providing the best service possible.

My main job is making sure everyone is performing to the best of their ability and with a smile on their face.

Alongside running the business I am passionate about supporting a local charity by pushing myself and doing some tough challenges. You can follow these journeys on my social media pages.I am a Sunderland season ticket holder (love it) and enjoy spending quality time with my wife Michelle and my daughter Emily.

Team 313

Katie Crosby

Hi, I’m Katie, one of the Mortgage Advisers at 313. I have been in the industry for nearly 10 years now and I love that no 2 cases are ever the same. The best part of the job is telling your clients their mortgage has been accepted, especially when they are first time buyers. I like to think that I make the whole process stress free and simple, and I believe my clients feel they can ask me any question, no matter how silly it may be!

I’m proud to say I live in Whitley Bay so I spend most of my free time on the beach, in the sea, or in a local café or pub!

Stephen Dixon

Hi i’m Stephen the Protection adviser at 313.. I specialise in making sure our clients are aware of the different types of family insurance available. I specialise in making sure families are protected with the most comprehensive cover for cancer, sick pay and death cover.


Christian Shaw

My day to day involves helping people realise their desires and move into the home of their dreams. I also specialise in saving people money on the monthly mortgage cost.

Most importantly making sure people are properly protected so they get to keep their home should the worst happen.

Lauren Garden

I am a protection adviser and the best thing about my job is knowing that I am giving a family or individual financial security should the worst happen. I have seen how a death or critical illness in a family can affect you financially and it gives me peace of mind that I am helping people to avoid that happening.

In my spare time I love spending time with my twin girls, but we also love shooting and hunting as that is what I’ve grown up doing, with my father being a gamekeeper on a large shooting estate.

Josh Beswick

I’m currently a Mortgage and Protection Adviser here at 313. I’m learning from the best and equipping myself with all of the tools of the trade that I need, to be to able help you and your families. If you’re thinking about mortgages, protecting your family or planning your estate – don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how I can help.

Jennie Brookes

Hello, I’m Jennie and I am mortgage & protection adviser at 313 Financial.

My job is to guide clients through the home buying process, from booking a viewing to getting the keys to their new home.

I also ensure all the important insurances are in place to keep you in your home should any situation arise.

Buying a house is such an exciting time and my job is to make is as stress free as possible

Beth Sanders

Hey, my names Beth, I have worked at 313 for nearly 5 years now and have loved every minute! I started out on the mortgage side of things making sure all our clients’ needs were met until completion of their mortgage but I have just been signed off to become an insurance adviser and I’m very excited for this new role and making sure all my clients are given the best advice and services possible.

Ashleigh Wiseman

I’m Ashleigh and I am the Compliance Manager at 313 Financial. My day to day role involves ensuring our advice complies with FCA regulations. I am responsible for checking the mortgage and insurance products offered to ensure we are meeting the needs of our clients and providing them with the best advice for their individual circumstances. This gives our directors the piece of mind that all of our advisors advice is to a standard that we expect at 313 Financial.

Daniel Cummings

Hi I’m Dan one of 313 Financial’s Insurance Advisers. It’s my job to ensure our clients and their families are financially protected in the event of death, illness or injury. I create personal protections policies tailored to suit our clients’ needs and circumstances.

Jonny Peacock

I’m Jonny, a positive and enthusiastic mortgage adviser. My passion is helping clients achieve their financial goals by finding the best deals and providing exceptional customer service. I take a proactive approach to my work and am dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with my clients. Let’s work together to navigate the complexities of the mortgage market and achieve your financial success.

Craig Hamilton

Hi, I’m Craig, and I am one of the mortgage and insurance advisers at 313 Financial.

I aim to make the mortgage Journey as stress free, straight forward and as fun as possible for all my clients.
I offer flexibility with appointments to suit every client’s needs.
My services don’t stop at mortgages, I also discuss and arrange the importance of protecting clients and their families.

I take pride in helping everyone I speak too, and nothing is more rewarding than a satisfied customer.

Phil Mirley

I’m Phil Mirley from 313 Financial. My role as Insurance specialist and Estate Planner enables me to give my clients piece of mind that their families and financial interests are protected if the worst were to happen.

My professional authorisations allow me to provide advice on all aspects of financial protection. Whether that be personal or business-related policies for a single person, family or an entire business.

I’m passionate about every person I interact with has a will in place. It is such a simple thing to have and helps loved ones; navigate the most challenging time in a family’s lives.

I’ve spent 20 years working for some of the world’s top brands at board level and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and listening to their stories from the past and their future plans.

The most important piece of the financial planning puzzle is protecting what you have now and what you are going to have in the future. I help my clients build their plan to suit their budget, meaning their families / business thrive if disaster strikes.

William Sanders

Hi, I’m William AKA Bill, the office old guard.
I’m here to keep a watchful experienced eye over the team, and chip in with my 40 years of industry knowledge.

I can be seen popping into the office to get some print outs, grabbing a coffee and catching up with the staff!

We love technology

We are committed to constantly developing our business and taking advantage of all of the amazing new technologies available to us as Financial Planners. From the very foundations of our firm, we were dedicated to using technology wherever possible to streamline our business since we know that if we can keep our costs low, we can keep our fees for our services low!


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Please use the enquiry form to request yours today!

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